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About Nicole

Welcome to Scai Yoga

I am honoured you have spend some time here with curiosity about how you can find spaces to nurture yourself and connect with a like minded community. 

I started Scai Yoga to invite kind intentional healers like you, who may be burnt out, juggling time and resources, and experiencing unattainable expectations, to a grounded, healing space that allows you to connect and feel authentic. Here you have the permission to slow down and stay curious by seeing this being modelled. In order to stand out from the crowd, we provide a personalised, non-judgemental space that is uniquely both structured and intuitive.

Nicole  x

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Warm and Welcome

There are no prerequisites. I warmly welcome everyone to experience a "Work In" rather than a "Work Out". 

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Calm and Nurturing

I invite you to be present and mindful through movement in order to experience stillness and restoration.

Safety and Clear Boundaries

I provide a spiritually, physically and mentally safe space. As a community, we uphold non-judgement of ourselves and each other.

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Meet Nicole

Nicole Ascaino

I found yoga at a local gym with my mum, it was a relief in a time of stress. Many years on now and my love for all things yoga continues to increase by the day. 

I have a 500hr yoga teacher diploma which I completed with The Yoga Institute. I am registered with Yoga Australia. I am furthering my studies to one day become a yoga therapist to continue to create one on one spaces of awareness, rest, connection and nourishment. 

I am a yoga teacher, social worker, daughter, partner, sister and friend. I am a lover of animals, nature and humans. I have supported many people in diverse communities. I have experienced the effects of vicarious trauma and anxiety. The practice of unifying my mind, heart, body, soul and breath has changed my life and sparked my healing journey. 

My passion is sharing gentle, personalised, breath centred one on one yoga for healing. I am always learning from each person I connect with. 

 I look forward to knowing you and holding space for you soon.

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